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IB Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is a rigorous, two-year program  for high school juniors and seniors  consisting of six (6) college-level courses and an IB core class, Theory of Knowledge. Morgan Park has been authorized to offer the IBDP since 1999.  
Successful completion of the programme will result in the awarding of both a CPS High School diploma and an International Baccalaureate diploma.
IB Diploma Programme students will:
  • have excellent breadth and depth of knowledge
  • flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically
  • study at least two languages, including native language
  • excel in traditional academic subjects
  • explore the nature of knowledge through the programme’s unique theory of knowledge course.
  • place a strong emphasis on high academic standards.
  • have access to the world’s leading universities (Student acceptances to 25 Highest Universities)