Special Programs
Local Scholarships Available to MPHS Students
A number of local community organizations and business firms have donated scholarships available to MPHS students. Some of these local scholarships include: Bank One Scholarships, Beverly University Club Scholarships, and M.P. Women's Club Scholarships. Community- minded groups and individuals realize that the adequate preparation for future demands of our society rests in the participation of the schools and community in educating our youth.

College-Career Night
In 1973, MPHS held its first College-Career night. The Guidance Department and the PTSA combined their efforts to produce an informative and successful program, which is held every year during the month of October. Representatives from many four year and two year colleges and trade schools participate in the event. Many Morgan Park students and their parents use this opportunity to learn more about college and financial aid programs.

World Language and International Studies
The World Language and International Studies Program is a gifted, college preparatory program, which emphasizes fluency in a foreign language along with the development of international communication skills and understanding. Foreign languages offered include French and Spanish.

Our goal is to prepare students for career opportunities in a global society. This is accomplished by achieving foreign language fluency, and by exposure to global issues and understanding through the course requirements of the program, i.e. world studies, economics, literature, art and music. WLIS students need to demonstrate both the interest and the academic capability needed to complete successfully the required courses in the program. * All course work is taken at Honors Level; two A.P. classes of student's choice are also academic requirements of this program.**

Grades 9-12
World Language 4 years of the same language
English 4 years (English I, II, Ill, and IV)
Social Studies 4 years (World Studies, U.S. History, Economics, and Social Studies elective)
Science 3 years of laboratory science
Math 3 years of college preparatory mathematics
* Students in this program must also fulfill general high school requirements for graduation.
**AP (Advanced Placement) classes taken with teacher recommendation.


What is it?
The Morgan Park High School International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for highly motivated CPS Students is a rigorous academic program, which emphasizes English, mathematics, science, history, philosophy, computer technology or visual arts, and foreign languages. Morgan Park offers an advanced Pre-IB curriculum for grades 9 and 10; the actual lB years are grades 11 and 12. Students who successfully complete the lB requirements and perform well on lB examinations are awarded an internationally recognized diploma and can gain admission to highly selective universities throughout the U.S. and the entire world. The lB diploma is recognized worldwide as a mark of outstanding achievement.

The Curriculum
The academic areas of the program include all subjects required for a Chicago Public School diploma as well as for college entrance. In addition, students concentrate on six subjects, which culminate in projects and examinations leading to the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

The curriculum includes:
  • English: The study of world literature and oral/written communication.
  • Foreign Language: The study of the language and culture of either France or Spain.
  • Individuals and Society: The study of history, including the history of the world, America, Europe and the 20 Century.
  • Biology: The study of laboratory sciences with concentration in biology or physics.
  • Mathematics: The study of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and advanced mathematics.
  • Computer science or visual arts.
In addition to these six academic areas, the lB Diploma requires:
  • Theory of Knowledge: An interdisciplinary philosophy course, which integrates the subjects studied and emphasizes understanding of multicultural perspectives.
  • Creativity, Action, Service (CAS): In the spirit of forming a completely educated world citizen, students participate in 50 hours in creative fields such as the arts; 50 hours in action/sports; and 50 hours performing service.
  • Extended Essay: A research essay of 4,000 worlds on an academic topic of the student's choice, which incorporates college-level research and writing skills, is required by October of the senior year.
International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme
The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme provides a five-year program for grades 6-10. IBMYP's accelerated curriculum is intended to promote international understanding, responsible citizenship, and the importance of learning how to learn through student-centered inquiry and communication. The five Areas of Interaction give the IBMYP its distinctive core. They are taught in a coherent, creative way over the five years of the program primarily through the eight subjects:
  • English: Literature Survey/American Literature
  • Foreign Language: French or Spanish
  • Humanities: World History and United States History
  • Sciences: Earth/Space Sciences and Biology
  • Mathematics: Algebra and Geometry
  • Technology: Introduction to computer science/basic programming
  • Visual Arts
Students are required to complete a Personal Project that is a significant body of work produced over an extended period in their sophomore year. Upon completion of the Personal Project, and a total of 80 hours (all five years) in community service, students receive the lB Middle Years Certificate recognized worldwide.

Morgan Park High School is one of five public schools to have a 7- 12 Grade Academic Center Program. Students in the 7th and 8th grades come from various sections of the city to participate in Morgan Park's accelerated academic program by scoring in the 90th percentile on the Iowa Test in Reading and Math. Students must take an admissions test administered by the Chicago Board of Education.

In order to provide the best possible curricular and extra-curricular activities during the 2004-05 school year, the student activity fee of $150.00 is due at the time of orientation for the 7th grade and 8th grade.

The Junior High students at Morgan Park are on a "closed" campus. Students may come at 7:00 am. and report to the student lunchroom for breakfast. They can also do research in the library. The students' day begins at 7:30 am. and concludes at 1:30 p.m. Bus transportation is provided. Students will be notified of pickup and drop-off locations.

Junior High students are not permitted to associate in any way with high school students unless an academic contact is necessary.

Parents wishing to volunteer for Junior High activities such as office assistance, chaperones for field trips, or for the graduation committee should contact Adriane Hanes.

Teacher/Parent conferences can be arranged by sending a note in advance with your son/daughter to the teacher or by contacting Mrs. Hanes at (773) 535-2806.

Facts you should know:
Closed Campus for all 7th and 8th grade students
  • All-inclusive Jr. High Activity Fee is $150.00
  • Activities for the Jr. High:
    Flag Football
    Beginning Band
    Intermediate Band
    Advanced Band
    Marching Band