People to Know
Division Teachers
The most important person you will meet during your four years of high school is your division teacher. S/he is the person to whom you can go for advice and help with school or personal problems. S/he will assist you with your four-year course of study, record your grades on your permanent record, record your attendance, and call your home when you are absent. During division periods, the division teacher will inform you of school news and activities. The first person you should consult whenever a problem arises is your division teacher.

Every year each division will elect its Student Council Representative and Alternate. A business representative, appointed by the division teacher, handles the business transactions for the division.

Counselors - Room 141
Each student in our high school is assigned a counselor to whom s/he may go for assistance in solving particular problems. The counselor is available to help a student develop a better understanding of his or her abilities, establish and maintain high goals, and help sort through personal concerns.

A student can obtain information about college admissions, available scholarships, financial aid grants, and career opportunities through his/her counselor. The counselor assists the student in many ways: test administration; school psychologist, nurse, social worker and case manager referrals; parent conferences; subject election program contracts; and college admission applications and recommendation letters.

Counselors are also responsible for the following: transcript evaluations, program changes to schedules, distributing and collecting homework (for extended excused absences) and progress reports, attending multi disciplinary conferences for special education students and publicizing summer workshops in business and colleges.

If the specific counselor is unavailable, please leave a message on the automated voice mail system.

Counseling functions continue throughout school in a variety of formats, including small group guidance sessions, assemblies, individual student conferences, and conferences with parents and students. The student and parent should feel free to consult the counselor.

Although the counseling office is always open for emergencies, it is mandatory for a student wishing to see his/her counselor to make an appointment by filling out a form for this purpose (in the counseling office) during his/her lunch period. Forms are available in the counseling office.

Persons seeking admission to Morgan Park High School must have acceptable proofs of residency including any three of the following: utility bills (not including telephone), property deeds, Medical cards, court documents, federal and state tax forms (W2 forms), checking/bank account statements, payroll check stubs, Illinois Department of Public Aid cards, or real estate bills. Morgan Park is designated as a controlled enrollment school in Area 24. Residency is established within our residential boundaries. Students are directed to our sister controlled enrollment sites based upon availability: Corliss High School, Harlan High School, and Julian High School.

Parents desiring a conference with a teacher should send a note to the teacher or counselor requesting a conference. The class teacher will respond indicating a date and a time for a conference. Parents desiring a conference with the counselor assigned to their students are invited to call 773-535-2550 and select the counselor’s prompt to make these arrangements.

Service Learning
Beginning with the class of 2001, Chicago School Reform Board Policy #97-0827-P02, August 1997, established Service Learning as a requirement for high school graduation. Forty hours of volunteer service is the required minimum prior to graduation. Students must earn at least 20 hours by the end of their sophomore year in order to be promoted to the 11th grade.

What is Service Learning? It includes opportunities that connect classroom learning with hands on service; foster students’ development of empathy, personal values, beliefs, awareness, self esteem, self confidence, social responsibility; help promote a sense of caring for others; demonstrate ability of youth to positively impact their community; connect the students and the school to the issues of the community and the people of Chicago; and provide structured time for students to reflect on their service and learning experiences through a mix of writing, reading, speaking, listening, and creating.

Service Learning is a great opportunity for young men and women to give back to the community and humankind. Service Learning encompasses volunteerism where a young person becomes accustomed to helping someone other than himself or herself.

Service Learning serves a threefold purpose: Preparation, Action, and Reflection. First, students participate in the training aspect of the activity as defined by the site coordinator. Second, students participate in the activity. Third, students show their growth and development by reflecting via a reflection book, personal journal, portfolio project, art projects and/or creative writing.

Parents and students are encouraged to contact any of the four Service Learning Coaches (assigned by grade level) to have any projects approved prior to the activity. Service Learning Coaches are eager and available to answer any questions you might have and you may contact them by call 773-535-2550, and select the counseling prompt.

Teacher-Nurse - Room 134
Students of Morgan Park benefit from the part time services of a teacher nurse who acts as a liaison between the school and home, health agencies, and physicians in matters of student health.

Although parents have the primary responsibility for their children, the teacher nurse, as a member of the school health team, helps to secure and maintain the optimal health of children.

Medical records must be up to date for all students at Morgan Park. All students are required to have a current physical exam and up to date shot records on file at school. All ninth grade students and any student enrolling at Morgan Park High School must bring a copy of their ninth grade physical exam as well as up to date immunization records. Students in the seventh and eighth grade program must bring copies of their fifth grade physical exam as well as up to date shot records.

A vision and hearing screening program is provided each year for special education students and for freshmen students. Forms recommending that the students be seen by an appropriate physician for further evaluation of the problem are sent to those students who do not meet minimum standards on the tests.

Any student requiring any medications at school must present a written order for the medication from the physician as well as a written consent from the parent to have the medication AT SCHOOL. Forms are available from the school nurse.

School Social Worker - Room 134
A social worker is available part time. This professional helps students resolve or cope with personal problems by reducing school related intra personal and family/community stresses that interfere with their progress in school.
  • Students are encouraged to come for services on their own.
  • Parents are encouraged to call or stop in for help.
  • Teachers and other school personnel are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the social worker as well as to make formal referrals for services to students/families.
Speech Therapist - Room 134
Teachers may refer students with suspected speech or language problems to our part time speech therapist for evaluation and therapy.

School Psychologist - Room 134
The role of a school psychologist employed with the Chicago Public Schools is a multifaceted one that provides professional psychological services to students, parents, school personnel, and the community. The school psychologist focuses on providing services to students to improve academic achievement and to assist students with social, emotional, psychological, and behavioral issues across developmental stages.

The school psychologist, social worker, speech therapist, and teacher nurse may further participate in the evaluation process and aid in determining eligibility for special education services, as well as with the development of the Individual Educational Plan.

Deans of Students
The Deans of Students are the hearing authorities for school discipline problems. Threats, thefts, loss of valuable items, and other security problems should be reported to the Deans’ Office. The Deans follow Chicago Public Schools’ Student Code of Conduct, formerly the Uniform Discipline Code, in all discipline matters.

Lost and Found
Found articles should also be taken to the Dean’s Office. If lost articles have any identification, they will be returned. A student who has lost an article should report to the Deans’ Office, and if the article is not there, s/he should fill out a card for future reference.

Registrar - Room 110
A teacher/staff member works to maintain official student permanent records and to evaluate and record credits reflected on transcripts.

Attendance Office
The Attendance Office staff members are the liaison between the school and the home. These staff members attempt to help the student resolve his or her particular problem. The office compiles all attendance statistics and facilitates early dismissal if a student becomes ill. A representative from the Attendance Office often appears in Court when it is necessary to represent the school with issues regarding chronic truancy.

Transcript Clerk
A clerk in the Main Office assists students in obtaining and forwarding transcripts of their official school records as needed for college and job applications. The cost for this service is $3.00 for each transcript. This service is provided as promptly as possible but cannot be accomplished immediately. Be sure to allow at least a week, especially in high demand seasons.

Final supplementary transcripts will be sent only if the student provides the Transcript Clerk with a stamped, addressed envelope. Seniors should watch senior bulletins for specific directions in this regard.